Making of the mural painting for the cosmic Lupaqa goddess. Territorio Lupaqa is near Capinota, a small town near Cochabamba. It’s about 2 km from this town in the middle of….. corn fields, dogs, cows, pigs and San Pedros.
She holds a choclo (corn) in her hand and caresses madre llama, the mother llama, an important astronomic sign here in the Andes. The llama’s eyes are looking towards the southern cross (in real life too), the most super important star sign… but there is so much more about it…. . La rana (The frog ) another star sign has its tongue growing throughout the barrel of chicha (fermented corn drink).
On her head she has a elements of a solar calendar.
Apart from that and as always she has lots of cables and electronic elements, don’t forget she’s a cyborg!