This project is growing organically in an interesting way. Here I give an update what it is all about and what has been done so far. Some parts you can find in previous posts of this blog and others here

Here a descriptive video of past chapters


Divine cyborg is a series of imaginative goddesses, based on ancient regional values and myths that are combined with contemporary and futuristic symbology and technology.

Departing from local elements, stories, books, histories, songs, crafts, those goddesses are constructed or better said, reborn, in the culture we inhabit. It is here where they gain special significance to each of us, confronting our present with our most ancestral beginnings.

I call them Cyborg Goddess. Half human, half machine. And fully techno-spiritual.


This project contains different chapters that are being developed in places and formats as diverse as:

  • An interactive hand woven tapestry in a remote village in Bolivia
  • A mural painting on a multicultural island in Malaysia
  • A mural painting outside a Quechua village in Bolivia
  • A ceramic sculpture in a fishing town in Latvia…
  • Machine embroidered patches made in industrial neighbourhood in Cochabamba
  • A mural painting on a rooftop in Barcelona
  • Dozens of drawings from around the world
  • A limited edition of Silk Screen Printed drawings.
  • A small sized interactive ceramic sculpture in a heavily industrial neighbourhood in Barcelona


In early 2020 I will be 2 months in residency in Taiwan, to dive deeper into the Taiwanese culture, philosophy and religious beliefs, of indigenous and non indigenous habitats.