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Good Design, Good Business

Swiss Graphic Design and Advertising

By Geigy, 1940-1970

Curators: Andres Janser and Barbara Junod 

Exhibition dates: 4 February to 24 May 2009, Galerie 

“Geigy researching for tomorrow” – the former Basel–based company lived up to this forward- looking slogan in its corporate communication as well. As a result, J. R. Geigy AG – one of the historic core companies of today’s Novartis AG – became the point of departure for a great moment in the history of modern Swiss graphic design and advertising. The exhibition is the first comprehensive presentation of this important contribution to the international history of design….

The exhibition is based on the fruits of a multiyear research project supported by the Schweizer Nationalfonds (Swiss national science foundation), and it presents more than 300 objects from all areas of graphic design: from posters and print advertisements by way of advertising postcards, brochures, journals, and books to records, promotional gifts, and packaging. 

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Designers represented in the exhibition


Roland Aeschlimann Ferdi Afflerbach Igildo Biesele Harri Boller A. J. Briel Sämi Buser Elisabeth Dietschi Michael Engelmann Suzanne Fornerod Stephan Geissbühler (Steff Geissbuhler) Karl Gerstner George Giusti  John Greiner Max Grollimund Willi Günthart-Maag Jörg Hamburger George Him  Andreas His Armin Hofmann Gottfried Honegger Gérard Ifert Toshihiro Katayama Burton Kramer Warja Lavater Honegger  Alain Le Foll Jan Le Witt Herbert Leupin  Markus Löw August Maurer Therese Moll  Felix Muckenhirn Fridolin Müller  Josef Müller-Brockmann  Hans Neuburg  Harold Pattek Keith Potts (Keith Paul) Numa Rick  Peter Roebuck Enzo Roesli Nelly Rudin Max Schmid  Fritz (Friedrich) Schrag Philip Smythe Albe Steiner  Niklaus Stoecklin  Brian Stones Willi Trapp  Fred Troller   Victor Vasarely  Theo Welti Rolf Willimann  Fred Witzig

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The Museum has a very interesting online exhibition, an archive of  selected collections! 
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