Video projection tools
Video projection tools by HC Gilje

about Videprojectiontools:

The initial version of Videoprojectiontool was developed during a workshop I gave for students of scenography, choreography and directing at KHIO in Norway june 2007, and further developed for the workshop I had at the medialab prado in Madrid may 2008.

The workshops were an introduction of working with video as a tool for creating and transforming spaces: to thinking of video as light, and how you can mask a projection to project on multiple objects and surfaces within the projector´s projection angle and to exploit the depth of field in video projectors.
With further development in 2009 Videoprojectiontool has evolved into a powerful and flexible application for projection mapping.

The software, built in max/msp with jitter from cycling74, is made to work for both max osX and windows xp/vista.
It works with 8 layers of video which can be placed in a 3D space (openGL). Each layer can be scaled,positioned, rotated, distorted, tinted and masked individually, and accept quicktime video files, live camera feed and a live drawing tool as sources.

There are 8 quicktime source modules, each accepts a folder of videos.
The live module can use any camera recognized by your system (quicktime on mac, directx on windows)
The drawing tool is mainly intended as a way of creating a rough mask for the objects you want to project on, which can be edited in a image-editing application for smoother and nicer-looking masks if needed.
The application contains a powerful preset and cuelist storage system, making it possible to make complex transitions between scenes.

VPT supports OSC for communication across computers and applications.

For more info/inspiration on projection into spaces or onto physical objects check out the relief projection 2008relief projection and masking projections posts.
New posts for inspiration: snow lab and shift v2 installation. I also wrote a little bit about vvvv in another post.

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