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Karla is Alex Zitzmann and that’s the story of her life

Karla is a visual artist using a mix of illustration, animation, video and performance to create her works. Educated in Germany, Spain and the UK, she is based in Barcelona and works worldwide. She uses her drawings, small handmade objects, animations and video-art to create room-filling performance- and installation pieces, which have been exhibited in festivals and art spaces worldwide.

Her artistic practice focuses on real time aspects of her work. Recurring topics in her work are time and space and current social issues, which she portraits with a good portion of humour. Her influences come from everyday live, from the many work related travels, from the misery of this world and the beautiful things of humanity.

Recently she formed a team with stage director and dramaturge Andrés Beladiez, joining forces and disciplines to create performances between visual arts, comic, animation and stage arts, which they call Live Cinema.