karla’s work
6º below nothing
6º below nothing is an interactive installation, a continuation of the cinematic theatre performance 2062. The development started in autumn 2015 at Arts in Nature in Busan (South Korea), continued in spring 2016 at Schloss Bröllin (Germany) and is now in its final stage, in March 2017 it will be exhibited at Seoul Art Space Geumcheon. The official premiere was held at Fira de Titelles in Lleida, Spain.



A paper city in the center of the room. A labyrinth city. Video projectors, shadows, sensors, Arduinos, torch lights, ceramic objects, LEDs and surround sound create a world that changes depending on the viewers’ actions.
His movements and the different places he illuminates with a torch light determine multiple dramaturgic possibilities, creating a unique and unrepeatable experience. Ephemera.
In this city, this maze, exist places everyone wants to enter and others everyone wants to escape from. There is also lost places on the way towards nowhere. Evanescent shadows, hardly intuited and the exodus, loss, desperate escape, death but also life and here and there a smile. There is also history, our history, always present and always forgotten. And the future, yes it’s also there. Nothing changes, or almost nothing. Just as before, yes, just as now and also just as tomorrow.

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