Cyborg Goddess #13 – Cosmic Lupaqa

In her left hand she holds a choclo (Andean type of corn). With the right hand she parches Niuawi Llama, mother llama, an important star sign in the Andes. The llama looks at the Southern cross, the principal star sign. Below her you can see the toad, another important star sign in the Andean cosmic View. The toad’s tongue tips into a barrel of Chicha (a fermented corn drink), next to the barrel you can see ajís, another version of spicy peppers.
On the top of her head she has a human figure and a sane, which are parts of the Tiwuanaku solar Calendar. Her necklace is made of resistors and elements from integrated circuits. On her lower right, a tiny whirlwind, in the Aymara world also known as the daemon of Anchcanchu, is trying to make a mess.

She exists as pen and ink drawing, 2x2m mural painting and as embroidered patch (limited edition of 10, there is still 6 available for purchase, please drop me a line if you are interested in ordering).

  • April 2019
  • Capinota, Bolivia
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