Cyborg Goddess #6 – Georgetown

The second location specific goddess. She was created as form of a mural painting in Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia during hungry ghost month.

Influences from Hindu, Islam and Taoist religions, she si standing within the tropical forest plants of Penang, holding a fresh coconut juice in one hand, in the other hand she has the [Taoist] ghost money which is going to be burned.

She has parts of an aviation motor and integrated circuits, which are part of the local production. The pineapple, it cannot be without it, stands for wealth, luck, and excellent fortune.

At the lower center is a flower dedicated to Andrea, a very dear friend who suddenly passed away, her farewell ceremony happened two days before painting this mural.

The mural painting was created at Artlane Penang, organised by China House

  • August 2018
  • Georgetown, Malaysia
  • 200 x 100 cm