In different places I visit I will investigate about local myths, symbols, rituals, religions and their old pagan counterparts. About superstitions, witchcraft, customs and relics. What or who has superpowers?
About local economy, production and industries.

From this I will create sketches for possible goddesses, which will later be transformed into a sculptures, murals, large scale paintings or any format that occurs to be suitable.


You are about to enter a place lost in memory. Distorted by hundreds of space-time folds where the past, present and future are merged, providing a place to beings that are half robot, half human.
Spirits born in an archaic world, that thanks to the passing of centuries and our help achieve the technological singularity, or learn how to be more intelligent than ourselves, which is basically the same.
Now they can see us from another place. A no-place that allows them a new life, to be impudent and tell us about our society as if it we were looking at it through distorted mirrors. Our fears, hopes, dreams and nightmares, what we used to be and what we are going to be… The future, our future, shaped thanks to our past. And present. Our present. Your present and maybe even their present.
Life is ourselves and what we remember, but also what we invent. Anything else gets lost in the dungeons of our mind where it stays imprisoned and relegated in an eternal oblivion.
Sometimes, very rarely, a small gap opens and we can rescue a piece of forgotten reality and we try to give it a meaning, give it a name. But we can hardly remember, understand… all is encoded and we need the key that is lost in this far a way place.
Departing from local elements, stories, books, histories, songs, of known and now abandoned places, those goddesses are constructed or better said, reborn, in this culture we inhabit. It is here where they gain special significance to each of us, confronting our present with our most ancestral beginnings.
I just ask you to enter with the mind of a child, let curiosity move you to you own place in this journey and through yourselves. Look at yourself, discover yourselves. Laugh about yourselves and about us. Play with your memories, with this earth that is so much yours, full with all of us. This is the history in body and soul. Our history, small and big.
Only through play we can unravel the multiple mysteries these cybernetic clay goddesses conceal or show. Let’s decipher the future…. Or the past? Play, don’t stop to play, to look, to observe and ask over and over again.