karla’s work
Georgetown – Artlane Penang

Part of my new series, this is another proposed goddesses for a future life in singularity. A Cyborg Goddess. Half human, half machine.

Robots, machines and devices have already taken over a great deal of work humans did before and they are entraining every day more our private and even intimate lives. Sharing our closest feelings with machines… Our most intimate information. I propose to prepare ourselves for a future in which we should share the same values and beliefs with the machines, so we are not so vulnerable.

Departing from local elements, stories, books, histories, songs, of known and now abandoned places, those goddesses are constructed or better said, reborn, in this culture we inhabit. It is here where they gain special significance to each of us, confronting our present with our most ancestral beginnings.

Cyborg Goddess #6, a mural painting at Artlane Penang.
Situated between tropical plants from Malaysian forests, local fruits and the expanding universe, she is holding a coconut in one hand, and ghost money in the other hand. Her outfit has elements of Taoist, Hindu and Muslim origins, mixed with airplane motors, machines and computer chips that are produced in Penang. At the lower center is a flower dedicated to Andrea, a very dear friend who suddenly passed away, her farewell ceremony happened two days before painting this mural.