karla’s work
I’m working with Andrés Beladiez on zoomwooz, an object-video-installation, a short film and live-video performance, which has already been presented in Cochabamba/Bolivia [work-in-progress-performance], Guadalajara/Spain [work-in-progress-performance], Zaragoza/Spain [work-in-progress-performance] and Incheon/South Korea [work-in-progress-installation], which has just been opened the 18th of january 2013.

We have been in residency at mARTadero (Cochabamba, Bolivia), Estruch (Sabadell, Spain) and Incheon Art Platform (Incheon, South Korea) to realize this project.

The performance will be finished end of february at Incheon Art Platform.


Video of the performance in Boliivia (april 2012)


zoomwooz blog – making of (ongoing until end of february)


Installation view (january 2013 – Incheon Art Platform)