karla’s work
After finishing our live cinema performance zoomwooz,  it has been pre-premiered at Festival Alt Vigo and premiered at dferia in San Sebastian in 2013. Since then zoomwooz has been travelling to many places, countries and continents.


Here a small description of the work and some photos:


Zoomwooz is a live-cinema-performance, reflecting the functioning of human society and its surrounding systems.

Karla Kracht and Andrés Beladiez use techniques of live cinema to talk about the individual position within a  systematic, always changing entity, which we call society. They tell us about their memories, dreams, frustrations and weaknesses that permit the power game.

A wasp’s nest of  desperate souls that claim for a chunk of nothing, brains uninhabited by themselves, lost in the other’s time. Forgotten dreams, desires getting lost in the collective memory, hugs, pats, screams, a barking dog, a whispering kiss skimming your intestines.


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For more information and updates, please look at the zoomwooz’ website or on the facebook page.