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:roundabout :詭境 – a theatrical object installation – Opening Sept 2 at Soulangh/Tainan

During my residency at Soulangh Art Space in Tainan / Taiwan I developed this walkthrough installation. I am happy to announce the exhibition, which is just around the corner!

Opening Sept 2 at 10.30 / Soulangh Art Space (蕭壠文化園區-西拉雅展館) / C-8 Gallery

Adress: 722, Taiwan, 台南市佳里區六安里六安130號


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:roundabout departs from a practical and theoretical investigation about coincidences, leading quickly towards the blurry and dark world of dreams, ghosts and fears. It is an animated theatrical Mini-Object and Media Art installation.

A magical sequence of weird occurrences. Rotating platforms, comic-like objects and characters, loops, sound scape and moving shadows are combined to create a magic experience and letting the viewer dive into the improbable world of ghostly-dark and frightening-dreamy coincidences, where all seems connected and everything and nothing seems possible.

The shadows of the past. The shadows of the present. Our own shadows melting with those of the others. The ghosts of our own fears… a chaos of interwoven situations apparently unrelated but looking at a second or third layer they are.

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