karla’s work
Shelter – Installation

  We look at the world from the shelter of our own cultural background. By juxtaposing international radio news audio-visually, Shelter criticises the way we receive and consume information. In this installation the spectator experiences the the cultural differences and the way information is being broadcasted. It points out the inevitable subjectivity of the media. This installation reminds us of the impossibility of a single, overall reality.       


Technical Description

The installation consists of two boxes and a screen. The boxes are equipped with speakers through which one can listen to radio broadcasts from two different countries. Each box has a viewing slot, covered with a coloured gel to look at the screen. On screen two different animations are visible, a red and a green one. However standing in the box, the beholder can only see the animation that corresponds to the respective boxes’ audio.


| the installation was exhibited in June 2004 at UWE Bristol |